For those interested in training or boat delivery, I have instructors to meet your specific requirements.  We focus on providing training on your boat or a charter vessel.  We do have one training vessel available to meet your needs.  We can handle both power and sail vessels.


    Kevin-Neil Klop

    John Fairweather

    Bill Boyce

    Bill Parsons

Taxes, books, registration, meals and exam fees are extra.  In most cases we suggest that you provision the boat and we can offer guidance / meal planning.

All major courses except Yachtmaster are run with at least 1 student and a maximum of 4. 

Training is available all year and spaces are limited as noted above.

We specialize in international students and students that English is a second language.  We have the patience to train you.  We also specialize in training women, no yelling or raised voices are allowed.  The only time we will raise our voice is if there is a safety concern or if it is hard to hear because of the wind.  Otherwise you can rest assured we are the most patient instructors you will ever encounter.