Kevin-Neil Klop

I have over 40 years of sailing experience, beginning with family day sails on chartered boats, progressing to owning my own racing dinghy, and now a 43' ocean racing sailing that is being prepared for the Victoria-Maui race.  I've sailed in the Great South Bay of Long Island, New York and the coastal water of California, plus the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  I've raced in the TransPac from California to Hawaii, circumnavigated Vancouver Island several times, delivered sailboats from Washington to Mexico and recently concluded a 2 1/2 month cruise to Alaska and back.

I love sailing, love to share that joy with others and see them come to life and discover the magic inherent in these sailing ships we have, from dinghy to ocean-crossing sailboats.  It's important to me that you know not only the "what" of sailing but also the "why", often in the form of stories from the good olde days of sailing.

I bring to teaching a wealth of background in teaching.  I was the chairman of the Math and Science department at a private high school, Senior Instructional Designer for Apple Computer, Inc, contract teacher for Sun Microsystems and Netscape, contract instructor for several other, non computer, firms.  I'm also a certified SCUBA instructor.  I am certified to teach ASA and ISPA, both internationally recognized certifications.