Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is your first opportunity to truly experience Island life.  Everyone is extremely laid back, so don't be expecting to get something done in a rush.  Make sure you visit Ganges on a Tuesday (small market) or Saturday (large market) to truly experience island life.  There is nothing in the market that is not grown, made or produced on the island.

  • At Fulford Harbour, anchor on the west side of Russell Island.  It is exposed to winds from the North.
  • At Ganges, anchor east of Money Makers Rock but beware of the many moored boats and the float plane traffic clearly marked on the charts.  The anchorage is also exposed to the SouthEast.
  • Public Wharf at Khanaka Wharf, rafting two deep is okay.
  • Ganges Marina - Fuel - 66A - 250-537-5242
  • Saltspring Marina - 66A
Pubs & Restaurants
  • Oyster Catcher - Great food and beer on tap.
  • Mobys - A place where the locals go.
  • Numerous others in town.
Grocery & Liquor Stores
  • Thrifty Foods - Right in the heart of downtown, hard to miss.
  • Thrifty Liquor Store - On the back of Thrifty foods
  • Government Liquor Store
  • Crabbing - There is commercial crabbing in Ganges Harbour so look for where there are private buoys and set your trap near.
  • Ganges Market on Tuesday evening and Saturday.
Google Map & Navionics Chart

Salt Spring Island Google Map Salt Spring Island Navionics Chart