Barnacle Bill

I'm Barnacle Bill. I have been sailing for close to 30 years now. I've spent most of my time racing boats but in the last few years I have started doing a lot of cruising. I moved to British Columbia about 13 years ago to advance my sailing experience. When I did, I took up cruising the Southern Gulf Islands extensively. I also decided to get my certifications in both ASA (American Sailing Association) and ISPA (International Sail & Power Academy). Both are well recognized and respected programs. I have also completed both power and sail courses!

I heavily use the Dreamspeaker series of books but I am finding that the information they contain is getting a bit dated.  As a result, I decided to start documenting my travels and showing what are the best destinations to see. Once there, what is there to do. As a result, this website is dedicated to providing useful cruising information to help you also find your way around and enjoy what the Southern Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

I have also included a section on Around Vancouver Island (AVI) to provide general information on the various destinations and resources available at those destinations for those who wish a greater challenge.

This information is certainly not complete and will continue to grow as I continue sailing in these waters. I strongly recommend picking up a cruising guide like Dreamspeaker for the specific area you are sailing, even though it is dated, it still contains a lot of useful information.

I also provide sailing instruction, beginner levels are done on a San Juan 21 and advanced courses on a Pearson 50 cutter.  I can offer courses in both ISPA and ASA.  Please book early as I tend to book up quickly.  My courses are done over weekends and for any set of courses it requires 2 weekends.  This is great for those travelling to BC that want to tour around but would also like to get out on the water.

Happy Sailing...
Barnacle Bill